Does your nonprofit need help completing a grant application?

Grant professionals have titles from development director, research specialist, grants manager and even a marketing specialist.  After about 2 years, grant professionals become burnt out from working weekends and late nights to meet a grant proposal deadline.  Are you looking for additional help to support your in-house grant professional?

Have you tried it on your own and it's just not working?

If you want the money you believe that is available to you and don't know where to begin to even look for a grant and start the application process then you will need to look into hiring a grant professional

Do you want a professional to help you get to the money and educate you on the process to get funding for your nonprofit.

Look no further and let's get you on target to Strengthen your Nonprofit.  

Check out the packages below created just for you.

If you are in need of a special list of services or you just don't really know what you need let's talk. 

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Here is a price list for services.   

Write a Letter of Inquiry or Case for Support

              Fee $375


Locate funding streams that match your nonprofit.

Determine Federal/State and/or foundation grants.

Determine if your organization can manage multi-year grant.

Determine Fundraising options.

Determine what organizations or individuals sponsor this type of program.

Fee $500

Federal and state grant applications

Fee $5500 ~at least 120 days prior to grant due date
Foundation and private grant applications
Fee $4500 ~at least 120 days prior to grant due date

Call Cultivations and build database of sponsors

Create unique sponsor letters and submit

Research potential sponsors to create new sponsor database of medium to large businesses

Reach out to sponsors by matching event target audience with sponsor’s core customers

Provide different funding options for sponsors and find motivations for giving

Research sponsor’s social responsibility for their business to make available the products or services they provide to a new audience in order to increase sales for the sponsor as they financially support NFCC programs

Fee $2500

Business/marketing plan components:

                                                                                                                                                             Determine business mission and goal

                                                                                                                                                             Develop marketing techniques for your organization

Target area and demographics of those served

Organization budget

Case for your agency, implementation plan, and measurables  

Fee $2500