I create fresh content for non-profit board members to help them stay engaged & stay committed to help nonprofits reach their mission.  #INFJ #millennil Top 5 Strengths Finder: Responsibility, Strategic, Relator, Adaptability, Harmony


I create fresh content for non-profit board members to help them stay engaged & stay committed to help nonprofits reach their mission.  #INFJ #millennil

Top 5 Strengths Finder: Responsibility, Strategic, Relator, Adaptability, Harmony

Are you a nonprofit professional and you feel like you need a support system? Do you feel like you're the only one that is thinking outside the box?  I know what it's like being in this industry trying to garner funds for your cause.  I want you to know you are not at it Alone. 

Oh let me introduce myself.  My name is DeaRonda Harrison I earned my B.S. degree from Tuskegee University in Business and M.B.A. in Marketing from Ashford University.  My background is managing federal government contracts.  I began volunteering with nonprofits to assist them with their marketing and media to get the word out about their programs and services.  I worked with organizations to provide marketing solutions but found myself researching grant opportunities and assisting with additional fundraising projects.  My goal was to provide a service and to give back to my local community and to my surprise, it led me to connecting with nonprofits and their board and getting the scoop immediately of nonprofit struggles and I found that fundraising coupled with engagement was lacking and began to research and discover the reason why.  

I want to help you stay engaged and stay committed to help your nonprofit reach their mission.   If you loathe research and writing, I gotcha.  I like to discover the un-discoverable that will bring you closer to reaching your goals.  I began working with nonprofits because  since I could remember I've wanted to change the world and these are the type of people that I connect with.  It is my desire to create a community for us to learn and experience from each other.  

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You may be interested in some things I've written.   Here's a few notable features:

Grant Professionals Association's blog "Grant Prospecting as an Introvert: Use Your Strengths." 

  • ....I would rather research than meet with an organization's board. I get excited to see new opportunities available for organizations. I used to feel like I wasn't much of a contribution to a group, because I didn't nearly speak as much as the “talker” of the team. This doesn't mean that I am any less committed or that I have less to contribute than others do.  My contribution looks more like sitting back, listening, and paying attention to what others are saying. Listen to what agencies are funding what programs and pay attention....

This is a feature on SmartEGrants blog "Questions to Ask BEFORE Joining a Board."

  • Have you ever been asked to join a nonprofit board? Well, if you have served on a nonprofit board before, you may feel like there are many questions that you wish you would have asked before you made the commitment to serve.  As I began to understand how board development influenced the organization,  I made a decision only to serve on boards where I can fully devote my time and attention to improving the overall function of the organization.  Agreeing to be on five boards simultaneously and not being able to be effective on one is pointless.  That’s why I only serve on one or two boards at a time, depending on the health, effectiveness and demands....


My articles have been featured in these publications.

As a board member or just a human we need motivation and to be inspired and if you need nothing else but simply a connection you can do that here.  I remember being enthused and less intimated pursuing this new career after connecting with professionals in my field.  I want you to feel the same way.  Simply the network and friends you create can take you from feeling like an outsider to building with people who get it and take you from beginner to winner.  

Client results:

Elna P from Family Support Circle has been able to save annually  $2,100 just on food costs because I was able to research and locate a vendor in the community that provides monthly food supply at no cost for their 501c3 organization as well as locate grants totaling over $10,000 and reach out to sponsors and build relationships that align with their mission. 

Are you looking to start a nonprofit or form a foundation to help youth, homeless, or improve job readiness in adults.

Are you a nonprofit seeking new funding opportunities. 

Do you want to know how to get funds to help support your organization. 

Do you need some out the box strategies to help your organization reach its mission.

Get some ideas and new ways to get funds and what you really need to think about before you start. 

Get help with acquiring grants, sponsorships, partnerships and engaging donors for your organization.   

I co-host monthly webinars for the group on all topics surrounding nonprofits that include:


board support,

earned income options.

Feedback from a most recent webinar:
I certainly learned a lot.  I did not think there was so much involved. I was definitely educated on the topic.  Rebecca J

Very practical advice you all gave on things we just don't think about.  It was very helpful and the presenters were down-to-earth.  Emma B

Do yo have a topic you'd like to know more about. Let me know here.